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Skyblock Content Update - July '21

Hello everyone! For this month's content update we are taking a look at our existing pets on Skyblock and making some balancing changes, as well as adding some awesome new pets that you can collect!

Pet Changes

We've taken the time to reflect over the pets we currently have and assess how effective they are in day-to-day life on Skyblock, and have decided to remove a few of the pets that aren't being used due to their effects not being worth it. As well as this, we've made a few changes to some of the remaining pets to make them more desirable.

- Good Boy (Has the chance to find random items)
- Slug (gives Night Vision and Slows enemies)
- Tiger (gives food drops)
- Slime (Jumpboost and Water Breathing)
- Baby Ghast (Fire Resistance and Blindness)

- Nerfed Pikachu pet by 25% for proc/activation chance
- The Clownfish pet now also has a chance to steal someone's item for a short period of time. After this time is up, the stole item is returned.
- The Dragon pet now increases how much damage it deals per level, as well as higher damage dealt based on rarity.
- Buffed the Eagle pet by 50%, meaning there are increased mob drops (does not effect Endermites).

We've also added /pk and /petkeeper commands so you can access the pet keeper anywhere!

New Pets

Introducing 4 awesome new pets to Skyblock! Each pet has a cool unique ability that will be useful in either PvP or normal grinding.

Leech Pet
This small but effective pet can use it's power to leech off of the enemy, thus taking away your opponent's custom enchant effect for 3 - 8 seconds based on level. This means that one random enchantment effect will be taken away for a short amount of time, allowing you to have the upper hand.

Navi Pet
This small but nimble pet will float by your side and increases the EXP you gain when grinding mobs. This pet is active for 10 minutes at a time, so be sure to grind hard when it's flying about!

Bear Pet
When this ferocious pet is by your side, your enemies will have bleed effects inflicted upon them, and you will have increased haste. This deadly combo is a must have in PvP.

Dolphin Pet
This adorable new Dolphin Pet can be obtained either by fishing at one of the /lakes or when you manage to complete all of the challenges needed to get the pet. When you've completed the hard challenge of catching 1000 fish, you can purchase the pet for $25m at the Fishmonger.

The Dolphin pet will increase the chances of getting multiple fish drops (2x or 3x the amount). After level 25 you will also gain a faster reel time, and this will further increase every 25 levels. The max level is 100, therefore you will have a max of 4 upgrades, with each one increasing by 5% bringing the total to 20% increase.

The Drop Chance will increase by .5% for each level it reaches, maxing out at level 50, therefore making the chance of a double drop 25%. The triple drops buff will be unlocked at level 50 and it starts at a 5% chance of happening. The Dolphin pet's triple drops buff can be further upgraded twice at levels 75 and 100, with each of them gaining you a 12.5% chance of activating. This makes the max chance of you getting a triple drop at max level 30%.

Genesis Updates

The following updates are being added to Skyblock Genesis, and will be added to Origins and Chaos when they next reset for a new season in the future.

Adventures Revamp
- Revamped challenge tiers, making it now a single line of progression
- New challenges across all difficulties.
- Lifetime challenges renamed to GrandMaster, now must have prerequisites to complete WitchHunter is reduced to 500 witches.
- Set Completion now includes a separate challenge to complete, before moving to the next challenge set.
- Set completion is now included inside the set itself (not in it's own menu).
- All new tags

We hope you enjoy this month's content update on Skyblock. Be sure to try out all of the new pets, and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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