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Skyblock: The Labor Update

Hello everyone! For this week's content update we have been working on improving some existing features on Skyblock, making them more refined and pristine. We hope that with these changes and buffs to major areas on Skyblock that it will give players an incentive to use them more.


We've updated some aspects of Custom Fishing on Skyblock, making it easier to use.

The custom fishing system is now the only way to catch fish on Skyblock. You can no longer fish in private areas on your island, or anywhere else other than the /lake's Safe and PvP warps. As well as this, the /fish warp has been removed and /lake is the only place you can go to fish. At the Lake warps, you will now receive the mcMMO boost that was previously seen at the old /fish warp.

When you get a fish to bite, you will now see a title pop up on your screen prompting you to reel it in. Previously you would have to keep an eye out for the bubbles reaching your rod's hook in the water, which may be hard to see if your hook is quite far away from you.

Free For All

We've improved the spawn position mechanics, as previously there was a chance for players to spawn in half blocks in certain areas of the map. Now this will no longer happen and you'll be placed in more open areas.

You can now continue to spectate the FFA event after you die. Simply do /ffa spectate to continue viewing the event. Only players who fought and died in the FFA event may spectate it.

We have added Protection 2 to FFA armor, and the Weakness potion effect for campers during FFA events. Hiding in the arena is fastest way to lose, where is your honor!

Revamped Prizes

We've revamped the prizes you receive from Woodcutting, participating in The Deep, and from the Good Boy pet.

The Deep
In The Deep, you can receive rewards from either mining ores or killing Guardians. Each activity you do to earn rewards has a different set of items that you can win, which have been buffed.

From killing Guardians, you can receive a whole range of new rewards such as specific Guardian armor, keys, EXP, Mobcoins, ore blocks, money and more. When mining ores, there's a chance that you could get specific tools, money, EXP, and even rare titles. Each type of ore has it's own title that you could mine up!

When cutting wood at /forest, there's a chance you could chop down some awesome rewards! We've reworked some of the rewards that you can receive; removing the ones that weren't worth it, adding some new ones, and tweaking the chance to receive items.

You could win items such as spawner keys, Woodcutting tools, Chunk Hoppers, Watering Buckets, Custom Trees, Mobcoins, Pouches, or even the super rare new titles!

Good Boy Pet
This Pug pet has the chance to dig up random items while it is active. We've added a new range of items that your Good Boy pet can dig up when it is out and about, including Microchips, Rage Books, Boss Lures, Pass Skips, Gem Transformers, spawners and more! Isn't he just the goodest of boys!

QOL Changelog

Last but not least, here's a list of miscellaneous changes that we've made over the recent weeks. You can keep up to date with the latest changelogs in our #changelog channel on Discord.

  • Redid the duel kit layouts, making them more organised.
  • Added the Blacksmith NPC to Spawn to repair your items for money.
  • Made speed potions stackable.
  • Updated answers for Chat Quiz trivia questions.
  • The Return To Sender CE can now be applied to fishing rods.
  • Stacked mobs are no longer damaged/killed by sweeping attacks.
  • Zombies no longer take knockback damage from Robots.
  • Added /potrefill to fill your inventory with splash healing potions.
  • Added /pearlrefill which fills your inventory with Enderpearls if you can afford it.
  • Nerfed the damage increase per level for the Wasp pet.
  • Fixed only oak boats being acceptable to complete the Transport challenge in /Adventures.
  • Added the /pet despawn command to despawn your active pet instantly.
  • Added an item pickup filter for Robots, available for Mob Kill and Mining modes.
  • Added support for destroying unwanted items when turning a Robot into an egg.
  • Added an Armor Damage flag to Islands in /is flags - disabled by default
  • Added /payexp [player] [amount] to directly send other players EXP.

We hope you enjoy this content update where we spent time reworking some key features on Skyblock. Feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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