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Skyblock: Content Update - May '21

Hello everyone! For this week's content update we are introducing brand new Enderman Mob Armor, adding Mobshop Hot Deals as well as a new Mobcoin menu, and Island Prefixes to Skyblock! We appreciate you for sticking by us while we reworked a lot of our existing features in the past few weeks - we wanted to make sure that our current content was up to standard before adding anything new. That being said, let's hop straight into the new features!

Enderman Mob Armor

Introducing the new Enderman Mob Armor set! This rare set of armor has some awesome unique abilities that you have to get your hands on. This set's special ability allows you to teleport to a random enemy within 10 blocks. As well as this, whilst wearing the full set your enderpearl cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds from the usual 10 seconds - making it 7 seconds.

You can view all the information relating to mob armor in the /mobarmor menu. Enhanced Mob Heads are required to create Mob Armor pieces, with these heads being crafted using 8 normal Mob Heads and a diamond block.

Mobshop Hot Deals

Grab yourself the most powerful items in the game via the Mobshop - this includes server store items like Sell Chests, Machines, Robots and more - in the new highly limited Hot Deals section!

This part of the Mob Shop will rotate once every 6 hours, with only 3 people able to purchase the items at any time. Once 3 people have bought the OP item currently on rotation, then the item will no longer be available. As well as this, you will only be able to purchase 1 of these items per account, and there will be a captcha you must complete upon buying it. Lastly, there is a minimum requirement of 3 hours playtime before you can buy anything from the shop.

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When the Hot Deal rotates, there will be an announcement in chat that will prompt you to check it out.


Understand how Mobcoins work in this new easy to read menu, as well as have the ability to toggle Mobcoin gaining messages in chat. Previously this feature was shown in chat, but now we've made it easier to read Mobcoin related information in one area using /mobcoins.

View how you can earn Mobcoins as well as how many Mobcoins you'll receive per mob kill on Skyblock. You can also visit the /mobshop via this new menu.

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Island Prefixes

If you're a member of the top 5 islands on /is top, you'll now have a star prefix next to your name in chat, so everyone can easily see that you're on top! These prefixes will be automatically applied and updated based on your island's current position.

The image shows the colored star prefixes that you will see in chat, with gold being 1st place, and green being 5th place.

We hope you enjoy this week's content update on Skyblock. Be sure to try out all of the new features and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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