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Skyblock: Quality of Life

Hello everyone! For this week's content update we have made numerous quality of life changes to existing features on Skyblock. Many of these changes were due to excellent suggestions made by members of the Skyblock community. Suggestions can be submitted using -suggest or by typing anything in #player-suggestions on our Discord server.

Heart Breaker

The Heart Breaker custom enchantment is a Legendary tier enchant that makes a real difference when it activates in PvP - removing Resistance effects on players hit by it, or giving them Weakness for a certain amount of time.

Previously, there is no way of knowing whether you have been hit by this enchantment unless you check your current potion effects. As a result of this, when you are now hit by Heart Breaker, you will hear a sound effect.

Ice Breaker Axe

The Ice Breaker Axe is a powerful weapon that can be bought from the Power Items Shop via /pshop using EXP. You can right-click to activate it's ability that increases the damage dealt to an opponent for 3 seconds.

Due to this being a very strong ability, we have disabled it's use when the enchantment Trap has been activated - due to the axe killing players in 2 hits whilst confined in such a small place. The ability still works normally when activated anywhere else, just not inside the Trap cage.

Iron Golems

Iron Golems are being killed way too quickly for a high value mob that is supposed to have a lot of health. As a result of this, we have removed the ability to kill Iron Golems in a single hit. This means that it will always take at least 2 hits to kill an Iron Golem no matter what weapon you use.


Infected is a Legendary tier custom enchantment that stops your enemies from bow boosting or enderpearling away for 10 seconds. This enchantment has been given a buff and now applies the focus effect on the player for 10 seconds as well as the current effects.

The focus effect changes the player it effects' name color, turning it from grey to pink. This effect can also be manually added to a player of choice by doing /focus [IGN].

Image from Gyazo

Pet Stats

You can now easily view your pet's statistics and information when hovering over the pet in your inventory. Previously you could only see your stats when you leveled up your pet.


Do you keep losing track of where you've placed your Robots on your island? You can now view all of the Robots on your island in a menu and see what their name is, tier type, mode and position using /robots island.

Machine Holograms

We understand that on islands with 100s of Machines active, there is a significant amount of lag when you go near them due to their holograms. Due to this, you can now toggle Machine's holograms on and off in the Machine settings.

Additional Changes

  • Removed the ability to put thorns on your Mob Armor.
  • You can now ban players from your island that are offline by using the command /is ban [IGN].
  • Added text to /is top about /is topchat for immediate top table listed in chat.
  • Made it so Fortune stacks with Tunneler. Previously fortune did not effect the blocks that Tunneler broke.

We hope you enjoy this content update where we changed and reworked a whole bunch of popular features. Feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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