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Skyblock Classic Update: Sieges

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce a new feature added to Skyblock Classic - Sieges! Sieges are challenging group events where up to 3 players can team up to take on different types of sieges: Hell (Hard), Castle (Hard), and Village (Easy). You can also brave Sieges on your own if you're up for the challenge.

To begin a Siege, you'll need Siege Keys. Hell and Castle Keys can be purchased from the server store, while Village Keys are free for everyone and can be obtained every Friday by simply logging in! When right-clicking a Siege Key, a menu will appear showing information about that Siege, an option to invite other players, and to view the loot table.

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Once you start the siege, you'll face three floors of mobs that will get more difficult as you progress. The final floor has a powerful Boss that you'll need to defeat to finish the Siege. To progress to the next floor, you'll need to find all the keys and defeat all the mobs on each floor. Sieges become more difficult depending on the amount of players participating, with 1 player being easier than 3 players.

You'll also come across chests that you can loot throughout the floors that contain awesome prizes, like Siege Sprays, Temporary Ranks, Netherite Armour pieces, Mob Souls, Spawner Fragments, Microchips, Trophies, Boss Lures, Tokens, Pouches, and more. On the first and second floors, there is one chest that can be opened per party member. On the final floor, there are 4-6 total chests.  There are 3 tiers of chest to loot, and the chests in the Boss room can only be opened after the Boss has been defeated.

At the end of the Siege, you and your teammates will be placed on a podium, and the MVP will have a star above their head. Each player is given a title depending on what they did during the Siege, such as "+10 Moral Support" for players who didn't contribute much. There's also a Trophy Item that displays the time the Siege was completed in. All members who make it to the end of a siege will receive a Stats Book, which will keep track of all their achievements during the Siege.

Will you be victorious and claim the rewards of the Siege, or will the mobs be too tough to handle? It's up to you! We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to seeing you participate in Sieges. Share your feedback with us over on our Discord server in the #player-suggestions channel!

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