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SkyBlock Classic Release

Welcome to SkyBlock Classic! It is our first new realm since the shift to a casual Minecraft network began. If you enjoy playing SkyBlock for all the fun and adventure it provides, we are hopeful you will enjoy this new realm!


  • Release Date: Saturday, 11th Feb at 1PM EST
  • Minecraft Version: 1.18+
  • This map will not regularly reset
  • Resource Pack Required
Shopkeeper on SkyBlock Classic
Shopkeeper on SkyBlock Classic


The economy will rotate weekly between fishing, woodcutting, crops and mining. Take part in Festivals each week to earn the best amount of money. Enjoy double the amount of items depending on which task is running. For example, you can get double ore drops on your island while the Mining festival is running.

SkyBlock Statue
SkyBlock Statue


Every day you will be given three missions to complete. Once you meet all the required objectives and finish the mission, you will receive a reward! Missions reset nightly when the realm reboots. Prestige challenges are also available for those grinders out there!


Starter Island SkyBlock
Starter Island SkyBlock

To better appeal to more casual players, we have taken several steps to simplify the game where possible and help ensure that those who are the new to the game will enjoy it:

  • Starter island for new players to create island
  • Custom map menu when you press [F] to complete quick actions
  • Improved /help menus
  • Economy numbers less daunting for new players
  • Various aesthetic improvements including new colour ranks/tags

Other Features

While we have changed the style of play to work for more casual players, we have adapted many popular features from years of play with new balancing:

  • Tokens
  • Trading
  • Custom Enchants
  • Pets
  • Upgradeables
  • Quests
  • Automation (Robots, Machines, Totems)
  • PvP (KoTH & Outpost)
  • Bosses


There is lots more content which we are continuing to work on and plan to release while the map is on-going:

SkyBlock Teaser 1
SkyBlock Teaser 1
SkyBlock Teaser 2
SkyBlock Teaser 2
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