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Learn how to join our server and start playing in 30 seconds
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How To Get Support

All support requests are handled by our staff members via tickets in our Discord Server.
Don't have Discord? Click here to visit their website and create an account for free.

How to join TheArchon Discord

You can join our Discord by clicking here. Right-click and open in a new tab so you can keep this guide open afterwards!

Banned from our discord? Appeal here.

How to create a ticket in our Discord

You can begin creating your ticket by typing -ticket in any channel - upon typing this command you will be sent a Direct Message from TheArchon Bot.  In this message it will list the different options you have to choose from.

To select an option, simply enter the number for the category most relevant to your support request - for example if you want to appeal a mute or ban, you enter 8 for category #8. An explanation of all available categories can be found below:

#1 Player/Faction/Island/Hideout/Cell reports about rule violations
If you have someone who you believe has broken a rule, you can select this option to report the player.

#2 Help with purchases from https://store.thearchon.net
If your purchased item has not come through, you can select option 2 for assistance in regards to store support.  Keep in mind that purchases can take up to 15 minutes to come through.

#3 General help and support relating to TheArchon
General questions regarding features or issues that have occurred can be addressed by selecting this option.

#4 Make a report that may result in a Strike for an Island or Faction
If you believe an Island, Hideout, Plot or Faction has broken a rule that will result in them receiving a strike you can select option 4.

#5 Report a bug or issue you found on the server - we reward for certain dupes & exploits!
If you have a bug that you have found you can select option 5, depending on the severity of the bug you may be eligible for a reward!

#6 Reports about unfair treatment by a staff member
If you believe that a staff member is not following the staffing rules, you can report the staff member by selecting this option.

#7 Create a new application related to The Archon
If you are interested in becoming a staff member, one of our community roles or a YouTuber or Streamer you can select this option to complete your application.

#8 Appeal a mute or ban on TheArchon
If you have been banned from TheArchon, and you would like to make a ban appeal you can create an appeal by selecting this option.  Try to include evidence and an explanation for the best chance at an unban.

#9 Request a review of a blacklist on TheArchon
If you are blacklisted, and would like to have your blacklist reviewed for a possible lift of the blacklist, you can appeal it by selecting this option.  Please keep in mind our blacklist policy found here.  https://thearchon.net/blacklist-policy/

Submitting & Viewing your ticket

After completing the above step and answering the questions that will finish the ticket, you can type submit and it will post the ticket for you in the TheArchon Discord.  Your ticket will then be a channel in our discord (for example as #ticket-12345) - you can click the link in the message from TheArchon Bot to go directly to your newly created ticket. Otherwise you can check above the support waiting rooms for a reply to your ticket so that you are able to get the help you need as soon as possible!

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