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Survival Content Update: August '21

Hello everyone! For this week's content update we are introducing brand new Shady Shards and the Shady Dealer to the Survival Realm. As well as this, we'll be covering a few Quality of Life changes that will make life on Survival that little bit easier.

Shady Shards

Shady Shards are a new currency that can be earned by completing various tasks around the Survival Realm including Missions. For every Mission you complete, you will earn one Shady Shard. You are given 3 Missions that you can complete every day, with new Missions being given after each night's realm reboot. To view your Mission list, do /mission in chat.

As well as Missions, you can earn Shady Shards from opening Skydrops and completing new global Quests. Every hour a task is announced in chat that must be completed, and the first player to do so will win a prize that reflects the difficulty of the Quest.

Only 1 prize is given per hour, so be quick and complete the task as soon as you can so you can win the reward! To see what the current quest is, type /quest in chat. Quests consist of different tasks like crafting armor, finding and mining an emerald, farming a certain amount of crops, killing mobs and more!

When a Quest has been completed by any player, there will be an announcement in chat saying who completed it. You will then need to wait until the hour is up before a new Quest will be released.

The Shady Dealer

The Shady Dealer is a shifty salesman at spawn who is only available to trade with 4 times a week, for just 3 hours at a time.

Be sure to save up on your Shady Shards for the brief time that the Shady Dealer is available, as he sells awesome items such as crate keys, Claim Blocks, gear, titles, Elytra, boosters and more!

QOL updates

Last but not least, check out the following Quality of Life changes we've made to the Survival Realm:

  • Added a Tree Feller /tf cooldown message in the hotbar.
  • Added being able to transfer team/claim ownership via /team transfer [IGN].
Image from Gyazo

  • You can no longer enter claims whilst in combat. The combat timer is currently 30 seconds.
  • Added a new scoreboard that shows the coordinates of all available Skydrops.
  • Add /mission as an alias for /missions.
  • Players will now get a message when they are interacting with blocks that are outside of a claim, reminding them to claim their base.
  • Added a confirmation menu to depositing balance into the /team top pit.

We hope you enjoy this week's content update on Survival. Be sure to check it out, and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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