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Survival Content Update: June '21

Hello everyone! For this week's content update we are introducing Missions and a Team Top update to the Survival realm. This first season of Survival 1.16 has been great so far - we've made a whole bunch of changes and fixes to features since it's release last month, and we're excited to begin adding new features!


Introducing new Daily Missions! Every day players will receive 3 random missions that they must complete before the end of the day to win rewards. Everyone on the realm will have a different set of challenges to do as to prevent clashing, so be sure to grind them out if you want to win awesome items!

You can access your missions menu via /missions, and you'll be shown 3 different sets of Missions that you can complete. Each Mission set has a handful of challenges that you can work your way through, and upon completion of all of these challenges you can click and receive rewards.

Currently, there are 26 different Missions that relate to many aspects of Survival life, from creating foods such as stews and soups or harvesting crops, to mining a certain amount of blocks and ores or killing mobs. The Missions menu will automatically update as you progress, simply hover over the mission to view this.


Upon completing a Mission, you'll automatically roll for a Common, Uncommon or Rare reward - 50%, 30% or 20% chance for each one respectively. There's a whole variety of items you can win, including cash, Pouch sets, booster bundles, scroll bundles, armor, Elytra, titles, and so much more!

Team Top Update

Previously teams with the highest amount of money overall would be on the Team Top leaderboard, but now Team Top is decided by whoever has placed the most money in the Top Pit.

Show that you have so much money that you can literally throw it in a pit! The Top Pit is located in the /teams menu, and you must place money in it to begin contributing to your Team Top placement. All money placed in the Pit cannot be reclaimed or refunded, this means that it is gone forever.

You can view the Team Top menu by doing /team top in-game.

The top 5 teams also get a special star prefix in front of their name in chat to show off their immense wealth, take a look:

When the season ends, the top 3 teams receive a unique tag that they can use in the following season.

We hope you enjoy this week's content update on Survival. Be sure to check it out, and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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