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Survival Content Update: January 2022

Hello everyone! For this month's content update we are introducing some new Prestige rewards, as well as updating the Gem Shop so include some awesome new items. You can also look forward to seeing some useful quality of life updates.

Prestige Rewards

We've added some rewards to Prestige levels that you can look forward to collecting after grinding so hard to get there!

Firstly, for every Prestige level you reach, you will receive 150 Gems. This means when you reach the top Prestige level 5, you'll have received a total of 750 Gems!

You'll also gain some cool seasonal tags that you can show off in chat, with every Prestige level having it's own unique tag. Take a look:

When reaching the final prestige (5), you’ll also get this cool tag:

Updated GemShop

We've updated the /gemshop, giving it a new look to accommodate the new additions, as well as introducing some awesome new items that we think you'll love!

Image from Gyazo

We've added a whole variety of cool new hats to the Gem Shop! Purchasable hats vary from traffic cones and party hats, to crowns and halos. You could even have a cute little turtle on your head! Take a look:

Image from Gyazo

Seasonal Tags
Every season we will add unique season tags to the Gem Shop, and these tags will only be available during that particular month or season. Once purchased, tags last forever, so be sure to grab a limited one while you still can before it's removed from the shop!

Image from Gyazo

Wing Patterns
You can now decorate the wings you've acquired in /trails in many different patterns! Currently, there are 7 different patterns that you can unlock, with each one looking uniquely awesome with different wing shapes.

Image from Gyazo

Note: These patterns do not give access to a wing itself. It’s a pattern that you can apply on wings that you already own!

Home Menu

We've updated the /homes menu to include easy shortcuts like left-clicking to teleport to your home, and right-clicking to delete it. You can also view the location of that home in the world for easy navigation.

The [Warp] Command

Teleporting to player warps has never been easier! Simply click on the warp name in chat and you'll be sent there, as quick as that.

To set up your [warp] message, head over to /pw manage and select your desired warp. After that, you'll need to type [warp] in chat, and you're good to go!

Additional Changes

  • Claim names in claim management are now listed in alphabetical order
  • God mode now automatically enables when entering a claim (if you have the permission)
  • Rename Scrolls can now be placed in Shulker boxes
  • Players can now win Gems from crates! They are still also obtainable from the server store (Gems can be won from Rare and Epic crates)

We hope you enjoy this content update for the Survival realm. Be sure to check it out, and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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