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Survival 1.17 Reset

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that the Survival Realm is resetting very soon.

Realm Information

The new Survival map will be released this Saturday, September 4th @ 1:00 PM EST / 4:00 AM AEST / 6:00 PM BST.

New Spawn

Of course, with a brand new reset, comes an awesome new spawn. Here's a sneak peak of the pirate island themed spawn below:

Updating to 1.17

With Minecraft's recent release of 1.17 - the Caves and Cliffs update, the Survival realm has been updated to this version! This means there is a whole load of awesome things that you will be able to find around the server, including:

  • Goats. A neutral mob found in mountains biomes.
  • Glow Squids. The glow squid is a variant of the squid with an aqua luminescent texture.
  • Axolotl. An aquatic passive mob towards players but it attacks most other underwater mobs.
  • Bucket of Axolotl. Use a normal bucket to capture an axolotl to get a Bucket of Axolotl.
  • Bundle. A storage item which can be filled with up to 64 different items. Can be crafted with string and rabbit hide.
  • Amethyst Shard. Drops from amethyst clusters inside amethyst geodes. You can find them in deep caves. Use amethyst to make a spyglass or tinted glass.
  • Copper Ingot. Gained by smelting copper ore. Four copper ingots make one block of copper. It can also be used to make a spyglass or lightning rod.
  • Glow Berries. This new glowing fruit type grows on cave vines. Can be eaten (2 hunger points) and farmed (using bone meal).
  • Glow Ink Sac. Dropped from glow squids. A glowing ink sac can be used to craft a glowing item frame or glowing sign.
  • Glow Item Frame. Just like a normal item frame, but glowing. Craft the frame together with a glow ink sac to get it. Both the frame and any item placed inside will glow.
  • Glowing Sign. Use a glow ink sac to light up the letters on the sign.
  • Lightning rod. Can be crafted using copper ingots. This item can be placed to redirect lightning strikes within a 32-block radius.
  • Raw Copper. Mined from copper ore. Smelt it to create copper ingots.
  • Raw Gold. Dropped from gold ore when mined with an iron pickaxe or higher quality. Can be smelted to create iron ingots.
  • Raw Iron. Dropped from iron ore and can be smelted to create iron ingots.
  • Spyglass. This can be used to scan the landscape by zooming in. It can be crafted with amethyst shards and copper ingots.
  • Candles. Comes in 16 colors, and is crafted using honeycomb and string. You can place up to 4 on a block, similar to sea pickles. 1 candle can be placed on a birthday cake.

We're excited to see you all using the awesome new items and blocks that this version has to offer!

Multi-Use Firework Rocket

Added the new Multi-Use Firework Rocket, the perfect item for those who love to explore using Elytras! No longer will you have to fill up your inventories with stacks upon stacks of fireworks, when one rocket holds up to 500 firework charges.

These new rockets can be found in many aspects of Survival life, including structures and Custom Monuments, ArchonPass, crates and more.

Mission Reset Scroll

The Mission Reset Scroll does just as the title says, and allows you to re-roll your current Mission. Upon using the scroll, you won't be able to get the same mission as before, giving you more control over what you do in your time on the server. You can find these items in Structures including Custom Monuments, ArchonPass, crates and more.

Custom Enchants

Introducing a whole bunch of custom enchantments to Survival, making your life that little bit easier! None of these enchantments effect PvP, instead they allow you you to farm, mine or fight mobs more efficiently.

Custom Enchantments can currently only be found in structures including Custom Monuments, and are as follows:

Glass Breaker
- Shears enchantment
- Breaks glass instantly
- 1 tier - Glass Breaker I, with a 100% chance to work

- Hoe enchantment
- When breaking a fully regrown crop, there is a chance it is replaced with a seed
- 3 tiers - Seeder I, Seeder II, Seeder III

- Pickaxe enchantment
- Extra mining experience from breaking ores
- 5 tiers - Spelunker I, Spelunker II, Spelunker III, Spelunker IV, Spelunker V

- Sword enchantment
- Extra experience from killing mobs
- 3 tiers - Grind I, Grind II, Grind III

- Sword enchantment
- Chance to drop a players head when killing them
- 3 tiers - Beheader I, Beheader II, Beheader III

- Armor enchantment
- Repel % of attacking Phantoms
- 3 tiers - Ally I, Ally II, Ally III

- Armor enchantment
- Mobs hit have a chance to attack other mobs nearby - No effect on passive mobs
- 3 tiers - Revolt I, Revolt II, Revolt III

Additional Information

  • With the addition of new mobs in 1.17, new heads have been added
  • Nerfed the job Money/EXP booster for ranks
  • Updated Jobs to 1.17, now includes 1.17 blocks
  • Revamped Advancements Rewards
  • End will be disabled for the first week of the season
  • Updated /Pass with new content including new challenges
  • Updated loot tables of structures with custom loot

We hope you're as excited as we are for the next season of Survival and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday at 1:00pm EST. Feel free to let us know what you think about the reset in #survival-chat on our Discord server:

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