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Survival 1.16 Release

Hey everyone! This weekend, we are very excited to introduce to you a highly desired gamemode that many players in the community have requested to be added to The Archon for a while now. Get yourselves ready for the release of the brand new Survival 1.16 realm!

1.16 vanilla Minecraft has so many awesome features, animals and changes compared to the versions before it, so we're hyped to bring the Survival gamemode to The Archon for you all to enjoy, with a bunch of custom features that we've worked hard to perfect.

Realm Information

The new Survival map will be released this Saturday May 22nd @ 1:00 PM EST / 3:00 AM AEST / 6:00 PM BST.


The Survival Spawn is a majestic castle that is home to the Market, crates, Jobs, mining and woodcutting spots and a fishing pond.


Your team is the most important part of getting started on Survival. Set up and customize many settings relating to your team using our extensive menu.

Setting Up a Team
To create your very own team of players, simply do /team and click on the Create Team option. You can also name your team in the Team Management section of the /team menu, by clicking on the Manage Team Name icon. You can also type /team rename [new name] in chat.

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Creating a team has a lot of perks including role customization for team members, upgrades, vaults, banks and more - all of which you can find in the /teams menu.

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Team leaders can create per-claim permissions for specific users and give them certain roles, with team members being able to claim multiple separate regions of land.

Top Teams
You can view the 9 teams with the highest team balance by using the command /team top. You'll be able to view who owns each team, what position they're currently in and how much money they have.

Additional Team Info
Here's some additional information that you may find useful when it comes to teams.

- You can view your team's claim borders using /team checkborders
- /team info [team name/IGN] to view a team's information
- There are enter/exit messages that fade after 5 seconds for when players enter or exit your claim
- You can claim in the Nether
- View the team command list - accessible via the command block icon in /teams or /team commands

Claiming Land

Every player has their own balance of Claimblocks that they can deposit into their team, so that the team can claim more land. You can also set up warps to these different claimed areas for just you and your team to use. This is separate to Player Warps, which we'll discuss later in this post.

Each rank including non-ranked players, get a certain amount of Claimblocks per day, with higher tiered ranks getting more than lower tiers. You can also win Claimblocks in Crates, purchase them on our server store, win them from the ArchonPass, or find them in Supply drops.

Check to see if a particular block is inside your claim area or not, by going to the Claim Management section and clicking on the Check for Claims shovel. The claim check will last for 2 minutes, or until it has been manually cancelled and will allow you to click on blocks to check them.

Alternatively, you can use the commands /team checkclaim and /team stopcheck to begin and cancel the claim check. You can also withdraw Claimblocks using /withdraw claim.

Claim Spawn Location
You can shift-click a claim in the /teams menu to set or change that claim's spawn location. Simply stand in the area that you wish to be your new spawnpoint, then shift-click the correct claim in the menu - make sure that you are standing in that particular claim, otherwise the spawn location will not be set.

Public Claim Flags
Customize what members of the public can do in your claims by shift-clicking on the Public Access section in a Claim. With these settings you can create public grinders by allowing players to kill mobs in your claim.

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Simply left click on which setting you'd like to define and cycle through the options until you see the desired one.

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Monsters vs Mobs Damage
This Claim Flag can be accessed after creating a claim and going to that claim's Manage settings menu. Toggle whether or not you want monster type mobs to be able to deal damage to other mobs in that particular claim.

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Player Warps

Create your own warps to allow other players to visit your land, through /playerwarps or /pw menu. Player warps can be sorted using the filter by number of visits, number of unique visits, rating, name or owner name, so you can find a warp easily.

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You can also rent Playerwarp displays at spawn for 24 hours, to show off your warp and allow other players to visit it easily. All players can rate other player's warps out of 5 and the rating will be shown on the warp's information.

Custom Monuments

While exploring the map on the Survival Realm, you will come across some of our unique Custom Monuments. These monuments can't be found on normal vanilla Minecraft, but like vanilla monuments they contain loot chests for you to plunder. Their locations are entirely procedurally generated, so you can find them across the entire map and any map expansions will bring along access to freshly generated monuments!

You'll need to keep an eye out for some of these monuments, as some can lay hidden among the terrain and you'll have to mine or dig to get to the treasure. You can break blocks in the monuments but they'll regenerate over time, along with the treasure inside them. You also won't be able to claim land around most monuments.

Monuments will range from easy to see buildings like windmills and lighthouses, to harder to find shipwrecks, plane crashes or hidden bunkers and vaults. Here's just a few of them:


The economy on Survival will mostly be a player driven economy, with only a very small selection of items being sellable at the spawn market. This small selection of rare items will sell for a variable price that changes based on the volume of sales the spawn market receives at any given time.

Spawn Market
At spawn there will be a small market where you can buy only the most basic items that you could need, and sell a very limited number of rare items for variable prices. Items that will be purchasable at this market will include:

  • Blacksmith - basic chainmail armor, food and torches.
  • Builder - basic building blocks including grass, wood, stone.
  • Farmer - seeds, bonemeal and spawn eggs.

All other items will need to be found in the natural world, or bartered from other players.

Buying and Selling
You'll be able to trade other players using /trade [name] and a menu will pop up where you can swap items.

There will be an Auction House where you can list items that you want to sell, and players will buy them if they have the required amount of money. In turn, you can also browse what items players are selling and you can purchase them for yourself. To access the Auction House, do /ah.

Lastly, you can use the Player Shop system. This system is widely used on Skyblock servers but we are introducing it to Survival. To create your own shop, place a sign on a chest and type on the top line [shop] to get started! The rest of the process is automated to avoid any confusion. Players will be able to click on the sign to either buy or sell the item you have listed.


At Spawn, you'll find the Job Manager, who can offer you up to 3 of the jobs they have available. Whilst you're a part of any 3 of the 12 jobs there are to choose from, you'll be able to earn money, points and EXP from completing a particular task associated with that job. For example, you'll be able to earn money, points and EXP every time you kill a certain type of mob if you're working the Hunter job.

Jobs are important as they are a great way of getting passive income as you play on Survival day-to-day, so we've spent the time balancing out jobs to make them fair and more realistic.


Take part in daily challenges! Every day there will be a new challenge to complete where you earn rewards upon completion. Do /challenge to bring up the menu that shows what the current daily challenge is, how much you've contributed to it, what the rewards are, and who the top players are.

Challenges can range from mining ores, chopping trees, killing mobs and more. You can also claim any unclaimed rewards from Daily Challenges by clicking on the Nether Star.


The ArchonPass has been added to the Survival realm - complete a variety of challenges to win rewards! The challenges vary from killing a certain amount of mobs or gain levels, to collecting particular ores or creating items.

When you complete the challenges, the rewards you receive are definitely worth your time. You can win spawners, claim blocks, keys, pouches, money and more! There are 100 challenges, so plenty of rewards to grab!

Players who have purchased the Premium ArchonPass from our server store will get 2 rewards per challenge completed compared to the Free Pass that every player automatically has access to. Grab yourself the Premium ArchonPass from the server store at shop.thearchon.net.

Supply Drops

Introducing Supply Drops! Every 3 hours, 10 supply drops will spawn in random areas across the map. Locate them and take their loot that comes in 3 tiers - Common, Rare and Legendary.

The coordinates of the chests will be shown in chat, so be sure to grab them before anyone else does! Chests can be anywhere, from in the water to in trees! Prizes consist of money, boosters, unique tags and more.

You can also use a Supply Drop Flare to spawn them, Flares are available in crates and the ArchonPass.

Mob Heads

Every mob in the game apart from the Ender Dragon has a rare chance to drop their head when you kill them. This means you can use these heads as decoration around your base, and perhaps try to collect them all!

Lock Signs

Lock your personal chests, barrels, shulker boxes and doors by using signs! Simply type [lock] on the sign, with your IGN on another line. After doing this other players will no longer be able to access that locked item unless you remove the sign.

You can also add 2 additional IGNs to the lines underneath, if you want to allow multiple people to have access to that locked item.

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There are a variety of boosters that you will be able to obtain, such as Job EXP or Job Money boosters from the ArchonPass, Skydrops, crates and the server store. Increase the amount of money or exp you receive from Jobs for a certain amount of time when activated.

Check to see how long there is left on your booster by doing /boosters.


View who the top players are in the Leaderboards menu! View who's pulling their weight in your personal Team, or see who's grinding out the statistics in the Player and All Team leaderboards. Access the menu using /lb.

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Each section of the leaderboards is split into 7 categories, and you can view the top players or teams for each one by clicking on them. Categories vary to highest play time, to most blocks broken.

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There are a number of ways that you can get Pouches on Survival, either from the ArchonPass, Supply Drops, crates or server store! There are 4 different types of Pouch - Money, mcMMO, Experience and Claim Block. Each type of Pouch has 3 tiers, with Tier 3 being the top tier.


We know that mcMMO and Skill levels are an important part of Survival and that's why the realm uses the newest version of mcMMO, which comes with a lot of updates and quality of life changes that you'll be excited to see.

Just a few of the updates are as follows:

  • mcMMO no longer spams your chat, most messages are sent to your action bar instead.
  • mcMMO now scales from levels 1 - 100.
  • Skills start at level 1.
  • Skills that are not yet unlocked will show up as ??? until learned.
  • Many skills now make use of a rank system. This means that the abilities that you do as a result of a Skill, will activate/deal more damage/be more effective the higher the skill's rank.
  • Skill Super Abilities now use a rank system, the default rank to unlock is level 5. Activating Super abilities plays a sound.
  • mcMMO now notifies you when you progress in a skill.
  • Skills can now be clicked on and hovered over for more information.
  • Swords no longer require blocking with a shield to trigger counter attacks.
  • Sword's Bleed has been renamed to Rupture.
  • Sword's Serrated Strikes now uses your Rupture rank to determine the damage/ticks for its bleed effect. As well as this, it deals 50% more damage at above Rank 3 and can last much longer.
  • Furnaces now give XP to the last person to modify their inventory instead of the first person to open them
  • A lot of sound cues have been added to alert you of something mcMMO related taking place.
  • ...and many many more changes!


Currently, you can win these keys during server events, or purchase them on our server store, however we are looking into additional ways for you to grab these keys in the future that doesn't include purchasing them.

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Vote Key
Vote for TheArchon as your favorite server through the voting websites in-game to earn Vote Keys! You can vote every day, one time on each of the linked sites, allowing you to earn 4 Vote Keys every day!

Vote for TheArchon using /vote in-game on the Survival realm. You can use your keys at the crate key area at /warp crates in spawn.

Some of the items that you could win from the Vote Key include Claim Blocks, 1 Day Rank, Money, Titles and more!

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Uncommon Key
The Uncommon Key is the lowest tier of key that you can purchase from the server store. These keys are purchasable in bundles of 5 or as part of our other multi-key bundles.

Some of the items that you could win from the Uncommon Key include up to 200 Claim Blocks, Keys, a variety of mob Spawners, Money, Titles, special bundles and more!

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Rare Key
The Rare Key is the second highest tier of key that you can purchase from the server store, and contains better items than the Uncommon Key. These keys are purchasable in bundles of 5 or as part of our other multi-key bundles.

Some of the items that you could win from the Rare Key include King or Dragon ranks, Blaze spawners, God apples, emerald blocks, money, keys and more!

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Epic Key
The Epic Key is the highest tier of key that you can purchase from the server store, and contains better items than the Rare Key. These keys are purchasable in bundles of 5 or as part of our other multi-key bundles.

Some of the items that you could win from the Epic Key include Legendary or Myth ranks, /fix access, Elytra Bundle, Up to 800 Claim Blocks, Keys, Money, titles and more! This is definitely the go to crate if you want to win awesome items.

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We have 3 different bundles to offer on our server store, with each bundle giving you a bunch of different keys. These bundles are usually better in value than buying the individual crate key packs as they offer you a variety of keys.

Explorer Key Bundle
- 3x Uncommon Keys
- 3x Rare Keys
- 3x Epic Keys

Heroic Key Bundle
- 6x Uncommon Keys
- 6x Rare Keys
- 6x Epic Keys

Mythical Key Bundle
- 10x Uncommon Keys
- 10x Rare Keys
- 10x Epic Keys

Additional Features

  • The Mob difficulty will be set to Hard.
  • When you first join the Survival Realm, you'll get 15 minutes of protection from PvP. You can use /protection to end your protection period early if you want to.
  • You will not be able to build within 100 blocks of spawn.
  • You can get rewards from completing vanilla achievements, including useful items that will help you around the map as well as exclusive cosmetics!
  • Added /cf & /rps and fixed Coinflip and RPS Statistics.
  • Added a /gambling menu.
  • /help and /howtoclaim now link to the updated Getting Started menu.
  • Added Duels (1.16 support).
  • Added CombatTag (1.16 support).
  • If a certain percentage of players are sleeping, the night is skipped.

We hope you're just as excited as we are for the release of the Survival 1.16 realm. This awesome gamemode has been in the works for a while and we're hyped to finally bring it to you this weekend. Tell us what you think about Survival over on our Discord server, and see you on Saturday!

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