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Survival 1.18 Reset

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that the Survival Realm is resetting very soon, and updating from 1.17 to 1.18!

Realm Information

The new Survival map will be released this Sunday 2nd January 2022 @ 12:00 PM EST / 2:00 AM AEST / 5:00 PM GMT

New Spawn

New season, new spawn! Take an early look at the cody winter themed spawn, perfect for the season:

Updating to 1.18

With Minecraft's recent release of 1.18 - the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update, the Survival realm has been updated to this version! This means there is a whole load of awesome things that you will be able to find around the server, including:

  • Completely overhauled caves that now stretch down to Y = -64
  • The caves now generate in 2 layers of different stone bases depending on the depth. The layer above Y=8 is made up of regular stone, which then transitions into deepslate from Y = 8 to Y = 0, deepslate completely replaces stone from Y = 0 to bedrock.
  • Certain types of ores and structures still generate in the deepslate layer, as well as tuff and gravel. Dirt, diorite, granite and andesite do not generate in this layer.
  • Biomes such as the dripstone caves and lush caves now generate in the underground.
  • Contains aquifers, bodies of water with different heights, independent of sea level.
  • Mountains come in 6 sub-biomes: Meadow, Grove, Snowy Slope, Jagged Peaks, Frozen Peaks and Stony Peaks.

We're excited to see you exploring the cool new terrain that this version has to offer!

Team Winners

As season 2 of Survival on The Archon comes to an end, the top /team players will once again receive an awesome unique tag as a reward for being the best of the best! The Top team will receive the S2 Winner tag and Pirate tag and the top 3 teams will receive the S2 Top & Pirate tags. Take a look at the following limited tags:

Pirate Tag

S2 Winner

S2 Top

New Prestige System

In the upcoming season of Survival, we've added a new Prestige system to the Missions menu. Dedicated players must now complete the following in order to prestige to prestige 1:

  • Complete 30 normal missions - these are the missions you receive every day
  • Complete the listed prestige challenges
  • Pay $50,000 in-game money

These requirements change with every prestige, this means that the amount of missions and money you'll need to pay will be increased the higher the prestige level.

You can prestige up to 5 times, with each prestige having new challenges. We are looking to add more prestiges in the future.

Image from Gyazo

When you Prestige, you will receive a number next to your name in chat, as well as a broadcast:


We're adding something very exciting for the upcoming season of Survival - furniture! That's right, you can purchase your very own furniture to adorn and embellish your bases using a new currency called Gems.

Gems are currently available to purchased from the server store. Once you've received your gets, simply head on over to the Gem Shop NPC at spawn with your gems and purchase any of the items that are in stock! We are looking to add other ways to obtain Gems in the future.

This is just the first of many items that we are looking to add to the Gem Shop on Survival, and we're excited for you all to see what they are in the future!

Here are a few examples of how the furniture looks when you place it in-game:

Please note that this furniture is purely cosmetic and cannot be interacted with or used. This means chairs cannot be sat in, beds cannot be slept in etc.

Job Changes

Here are a few of the changes we've made to the Jobs system:

  • Removed the explore job as players found it boring and useless
  • Merged the Weaponsmith and Enchanter jobs into one, now called the Smith
  • Renamed the following jobs:
    - Digger to Excavator
    - Brewer to Alchemist
    - Woodcutter to Lumberjack
  • We've also updated the job config in general and to accommodate for new 1.18 features

MobToken Shop

We previously added MobHeads being obtainable items from killing mobs, now we've added rare MobTokens as a currency you can get from killing mobs alongside this. Spend your tokens at the /Mobshop and purchase some rare and unique items such as Undead armor, tags, enchantment books and the Witch Particle Trail!

Image from Gyazo

Team Changes

We've made a few quality of life changes to the Team system:

  • You can now upgrade your TeamVault
  • You can now change the display icon of claims
  • Allowed entry of “All” as an amount in the respective /team commands

Additional Information

Last but not least, here are a number of miscellaneous changes:

  • The End will be disabled for the first week of the reset
  • Added /ms as an alias for /missions
  • Added /q as an alias for /quests
  • Removed access to /pweather storm
  • Home limit added for top rank
  • Added some new missions
  • Updated Chat Quiz questions
  • Rename Scrolls can now be used on Eltryas and Shears
  • Added a leaderboard for ores mined

We hope you're as excited as we are for the next season of Survival and we look forward to seeing you all on Sunday at 12:00pm EST. Feel free to let us know what you think about the reset in #survival-chat on our Discord server:

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