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The Deep

Hello everyone! For this week's content update we are introducing a brand new feature on Skyblock: The Deep. This incredibly dangerous cave system is overflowing with ores and precious gems, but it is also full of powerful ore Guardians who will try their best to protect their ores.

Getting There

To travel to The Deep, simply type /warp deep. You'll be spawned at the entrance to the cave system, where you will find The Merchant. This Merchant grants various useful buffs that can be used within The Deep, such as haste, strength, luck and more.

You'll need to purchase these buffs using EXP. Once purchased, they'll be activated permanently when you're in The Deep.

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Before stepping down into The Deep, make sure you're well prepared to battle against dangerous mobs, so bring good armor, weapons and gapples. To enter the cave system, you will need to drop down a hole which you will not be able to climb back out of again.

Inside The Deep

When inside the cave system of The Deep, you will find a series of caves that are winding downwards. Ores and gems will be found in abundance, so you can mine as many as you want, as they will regenerate over a short amount of time.

When you mine ores, you'll periodically receive random rewards such as Vote Keys, money and Mob Coins. Digging gravel will give you excavation levels as well as give you rewards.

Be careful though, ore Guardians will spawn and attack you when you try to mine ores. Killing these mobs will also give you random rewards every so often. PvP is not enabled but you can get seriously damaged by the hoards of Guardians that spawn to protect the ores.

As you adventure further down into the cave, you'll find better quality ores and gems, but with them come more powerful Guardians. Each ore type will have it's own set of Guardians, so Iron Guardians, Diamond Guardians, Emerald Guardians, etc.

We hope you enjoy this week's content update, be sure to try it out and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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