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Trophy Update & Farmable Chests

Hello everyone! For this week's content update we are reworking Mobcoin Trophies to make them upgradeable, as well as introducing the brand new Farmable Chests on Skyblock!

Mobcoin Trophy Rework

We've reworked Mobcoin Trophies to make them more interactive and upgradeable, allowing you to find or create armor pieces to add to your trophies to generate Mobcoins. Now, when you purchase a Mobcoin Trophy from the /mobshop you'll now be given a Basic Trophy that doesn't have any armor pieces on it and will not generate any Mobcoins.

Left-click on your Mobcoin Trophy to bring up the menu. Here you will be able to see slots where you can place armor pieces to upgrade your Trophy, as well as information on how many Mobcoins you're generating, a Mobcoin collection point, Collection logs to see who collected Mobcoins recently, as well as an option to pick the trophy back up.

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To upgrade your Mobcoin Trophy you must add Trophy Parts to it. Each Trophy part that you add to the Mobcoin Trophy will generate a certain amount of Mobcoins, with higher tiered Trophy Parts generating more Mobcoins than lower tiered parts. For example, a Tier 3 Trophy Part will generate more Mobcoins than a Tier 2 Trophy Part.

Armor pieces that you place on your Mobcoin Trophies will also add a certain amount of Island Levels to your islands, with some armor pieces giving more Island Levels than others.

You can obtain Trophy Parts from /mobshop, crates, mcMMO drops, Boss fights, or by crafting them with Enchanted Mob Heads.

Take a look at what Mob sets you can get when you craft them using Enchanted Mob Heads.

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The mob sets can be crafted using a piece of iron or gold armor depending on the tier of the set, surrounded by Enchanted Mob Heads.

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You can get 3 Tiers of armor that you can add to your Mobcoin Trophy, as well as a set you could win from fighting Bosses or winning KoTH events.

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You can mix and match pieces of armor on your Mobcoin Trophies, you do not have to use a full set to generate Mobcoins. Each individual armor piece contributes towards the overall generation of Mobcoins on your islands.

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Farmable Chests

This brand new Farmable Chest generates crop drops in the chunk that it is placed in. Simply surround the chest with the farming crop of choice and the Farmable Chest will collect and store the crops based on how many crop plants are in the chunk. Farming has never been so easy!

The Farmable Chest allows you to grow, collect and sell crops faster than ever before! You don't even need to have fully grown crop plants or extra space for melons or pumpkins to grow when using this new chest.

Open the chest to configure the settings. Click on the Farmable Selection menu to choose which crop you'd like to grow and gather, then let the Farmable Chest work it's magic!

You'll be able to see how many plants are in the same chunk as the Farmable Chest, as well as how many melons are stored and are ready to collect. When you collect your crops, you will have to type in chat how many you would like to withdraw, then they will be placed in your inventory ready for you to sell.

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You can only collect one crop type at a time, but you are able to change which crop you'd like your Farmable Chest to collect whenever you want.

We hope you enjoy this week's content update, be sure to try it all out and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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